Exec coaching, 12.04.11, Taunton

Heart Rhythm Society, 04.05.11-07.05.11, San Francisco, Biotronik

Presenter, Cardio-oncology, 13.05.11, Taunton

Presenter, Atrial fibrillation, 25.05.11, Taunton

Presenter, ECG quiz, 21.06.11, Bridgwater

Chair, AGWSCS, 04.07.11, Bristol

South Western Electrophysiology Group, 11.07.11, Taunton

Presenter, Pacing complications, 12.07.11, Bristol, Medtronic

Teacher, ALERT course, 01.08.11, Taunton

Faciliator, Network Commissioning Day, 09.09.11, Bristol

Chair, Atrial Fibrillation, 21.09.11, Taunton

HRC, 03.10.11-05.10.11, Birmingham

Presenter, Challenging device cases, HRC, 04.10.11

Chair, What to do when the battery runs down, HRC, 05.10.11

Presenter, Primary prevention but no therapy delivered, HRC, 05.10.11

Exec coaching, 06.10.11, Taunton

South Western Electrophysiology Group, 10.10.11, Taunton

Chair, AGWSCS, 31.10.11, Bristol

Presenter, GP AF study day, 02.11.11, Taunton

Presenter, APA, 08.11.11, London

Exec coaching, 09.11.11-10.11.11, Taunton

Surgical Skills for Cardiologists, 18.11.11, London

Exec coaching, 29.11.11, Taunton

Exec coaching, 12.01.12, Taunton

Presenter, Grand Round, Medical Error, 03.02.12, Taunton

Chair, AGWSCS, 20.02.12, Bristol

F1 Teaching, 21.02.12, Taunton

Exec coaching, 22.02.12, Taunton

Exec coaching, 01.03.12, Taunton