So Ben Goldacre is right. We should be upfront about our conflicts of interest. Most consultants have many. I'm a minor player in the grand scheme of things and I would imagine not too different from most other consultants. I'll try to remember mine. These are from November 2007 (When I became a consultant) to date:



1.    Astra-Zeneca - speaker fees

2.    Bayer - advisory board

3.    Biotronik - conference support

4.    Boehringer-Ingelheim - speaker fees

5.    Boston Scientific - conference support

6.    Medtronic - conference support, speaker fees

7.    Novartis - conference support

8.    Pfizer / Bristol Myers Squibb - conference support, speaker fees

9.    Servier - conference support

10.ResMed - advisory board


I think that's it. I apologise if I have missed anyone out.