Procedures and Investigations

It's sometimes hard to work out how much things cost. This can lead to confusion. There is generally a fee from the hospital for any procedure or investigation, as well as a fee from myself. I am still endeavouring to find out the charges from the hospital. Note that where a device is implanted, for example a pacemaker, there is usually a fee for the device in addition. I am BUPA assured.


Please note that hospital fees may change and the prices shown for hospital fees are therefore only indicative. Please contact Parkside at Musgrove Park for the latests hospital fees.


Procedure  My fee Hospital fee
New patient appointment £220 £N/A
Follow-up patient appointment £130 £N/A
Ad hoc in-patient review £150 N/A
In-patient stay (Daily rate) £100 Variable
ECG  (XX20110)                  £45 £70
Exercise stress test (XX20130) £110 £250
Echocardiogram (U20.1) £110 £300
24hr Tape (XX20140) £110 £300
72hr Tape (Novacor, ZZ20140) £110 £250
Tilt Test £110 £264
24hr BP Monitor (U33.2)                  £110 £280
Cardiac CT Scan N/A £1150
DC Cardioversion (X50.1, X5020) £175 Variable
Reveal Implant (XX20142) £200 Variable
Reveal Explant (XX20143)              £200 Variable
Medtronic Linq £100 Variable
Single chamber pacemaker (K60.5, K6000) £508 Variable
Dual chamber pacemaker (K60.6, K6010) £589 Variable
Pacemaker Box Change (K60.3, K6030)            £386 Variable
Single chamber ICD (K59.1, K6100) £690 Variable
Dual chamber ICD (K59.2, K6105) £782 Variable
ICD Box Change (K59.4, K6050) £386 Variable
ICD Lead Replacement (K6060 £548 Variable
Biventricular pacemaker (K60.7, K6015) £837 Variable
Biventricular ICD (K59.6, K6111) £1370 Variable
Subcutaneous ICD (K6115)             £619 Variable