I am planning in 2013 to get more feedback from patients. We currently do this in a haphazard way, on a fairly rare basis. I think that perhaps we should seek feedback from all patients, just as companies such as Apple do. I think the role of a Doctor is not quite that of a company trying to sell you something, however. Often we have to tell people things they don't want to hear. Often we are in highly emotionally charged situations; in cardiology patients die all too often. Nonetheless when I do get feedback, although some of it is uncomfortable, I always learn something. 

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  • Sophie Antoine-Jonville (Tuesday, May 14 13 03:18 pm BST)

    Cool website, Mark!

  • Hayley Isaacs (Tuesday, April 25 17 08:26 pm BST)

    I am looking for somewhere local to go to get my heart checked as I think I may have arrhythmia, I always feel my heartbeat and quiver and palpations often feel dizzy, daily and always tired. My brother had a heart condition which is the same which he had to have a serious operation for, his condition got looked over and in regonised by serval doctors, he kept on and on when they found out what he had he had to go straight for operation as it was a serious case, also my uncle died of a heart attack of a very young age. So all this concerns me. I have had a ECG and they said my heartbeat was a bit slow but okay but it worried me because my brother had several ECGs which didn't pick his condition up. So I am wondering if you could offer more, so I know fort sure if there is something wrong with my heart or not. Without this constant worry. To me I am sure there is something which is not quite right. Thanks Hayley

  • Mark (Tuesday, April 25 17 10:07 pm BST)


    If you ask your GP, you can be referred into the cardiology service at Musgrove Park (assuming you live locally). We are used to seeing people in your situation. We would need, if possible, as much medical information about your relatives.

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