Procedures and Investigations

It's sometimes hard to work out how much things cost. This can lead to confusion. There is generally a fee from the hospital for any procedure or investigation, as well as a fee from myself. I am still endeavouring to find out the charges from the hospital. Note that where a device is implanted, for example a pacemaker, there is usually a fee for the device in addition. I am BUPA assured. Please note that hospital fees may change and vary and the prices are therefore only indicative. 

Procedure  My fee Hospital fee
New patient appointment £200 £N/A
Follow-up patient appointment £120 £N/A
Ad hoc in-patient review £100 N/A
In-patient stay (Daily rate) £100 Variable
ECG  (XX20110)                  £45 £55
Exercise stress test (XX20130) £100 £201
Echocardiogram (U20.1) £100 £230
24hr Tape (XX20140) £100 £230
72hr Tape (Novacor, ZZ20140) £100 £127
Event Recorder (Omron, XX20141) £200 £0
24hr BP Monitor (U33.2)                  £100 £202
Cardiac CT Scan N/A £1150
DC Cardioversion (X50.1, X5020) £175 Variable
Reveal Implant (XX20142) £200 Variable
Reveal Explant (XX20143)              £200 Variable
Medtronic Linq £100 Variable
Single chamber pacemaker (K60.5, K6000) £508 Variable
Dual chamber pacemaker (K60.6, K6010) £589 Variable
Pacemaker Box Change (K60.3, K6030)            £386 Variable
Single chamber ICD (K59.1, K6100) £690 Variable
Dual chamber ICD (K59.2, K6105) £782 Variable
ICD Box Change (K59.4, K6050) £386 Variable
ICD Lead Replacement (K6060 £548 Variable
Biventricular pacemaker (K60.7, K6015) £837 Variable
Biventricular ICD (K59.6, K6111) £1370 Variable
Subcutaneous ICD (K6115)             £619 Variable